Foam back rest

A few weeks ago I removed the seat bottom from the Tahe to lower my center of gravity, it worked great and many of my rolls become stronger as a result.
When I first picked up the kayak at the end of last summer I removed the back strap as it regularly got twisted when I slipped in to the small cockpit, especially annoying when doing a re-entry and roll. The last couple of times afloat I have used a sheet of closed cell foam to sit on, currently not fixed to the kayak, it slides around a bit and I think it is more of a liability at the moment.
I was browsing through Freya’s web site tonight and I cam across a dramatic picture of her holding her rolling kayak and noticed that she has a carved foam back rest which looks like it would help a great deal with back arching during lay back rolls.
Does anyone have any advice on good seats and back supports for rolling kayaks? I think I need to try one of these to ease the bruising across my back caused by the cockpit coaming when I arch over it.

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