Frosty paddle

This morning Mike and I went for a paddle around Prior Lake. We would usually have been at a pool session but none was scheduled. The air temperature was 33F with a 15 mph wind gusting from the north. The lake’s surface temperature was just above freezing. No one else was afloat. We paddled south west across the lake via the numerous islands, and ventured into the lower lakes. It was not exactly a pleasant day for sight seeing. The wind was biting. But at least it wasn’t snowing.After paddling hard into the wind to get back to the beach at Sand Point where we launched, I rolled a few times and Mike took some photographs. The lens was a little foggy due to the spray, but I liked the effect in this picture.

Frosty roll

I was able to get a few rolls in, lay back and forward finishing, norsaq, hand and paddle. The water was bitterly cold and it felt like fire when I capsized.

Hand roll 
In the balance brace position the back of my head got really cold. I was wearing a drysuit under my tuilik. The single thickens of neoprene from the tuilik hood was insufficient to protect me from the cold water for long. 
Balance brace

I was using my Lumpy Paddle norsaq today. I love the feel of it in my hand. I have been able to gain a great deal of confidence in my forward finishing norsaq rolls using it.

Setting up for a norsaq roll

I have noticed a few time recently how few people seem to recognize that lay back rolls are supposed to be started tucked forwards. It makes a considerable difference to the un-winding body movement if you start forward. Also, being tucked forward reduces the body’s resistance to the roll and allows the kayak to capsize easier. Finally, being forward means your arm can sweep in a wider and longer arc, giving you greater righting moment. All good reasons to get in the habit of starting tucked forward.

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