The Gales Storm Gathering

I finaly got off my butt and registered for The Gales Storm Gathering. To quote the website “The Gales Storm Gathering event Oct 8-10 2011 is intended as a fun, invigorating sea kayaking instructional event for students looking to gain experience “in conditions” on the Great Lakes. We all want to know what variables change for rolling, rescues, towing, leadership, and group management once the placid waters of summer have dissipated. The Great Lakes offer a terrific opportunity for sea kayakers to experience the beauty of lumpy conditions. Lake Superior has a variety of wind conditions, sea states, and waves in fall. Often students will seek training in far flung locales 0n the east coast, west coast, or overseas; when in fact our freshwater seas offer this exact sort of paddling environment right next door. This coupled with some very world class coaches can make for the best learning experience. This event aims to: build confidence in existing skills, reinforce good habits learned on flat water in wind and waves, correct bad habits applied on flat-water with real experiences surrounded by experienced coaches, teach safe, fun paddling in beautiful surroundings, provide access to top coaches from the area and abroad for one on one coaching.”

So why am I going to go to The Gales?

  1. I need to learn how to handle rougher water
  2. I am not afraid of chilly weather and water
  3. It’s time I listened to some great instructors
  4. A couple of my friends are going
  5. It is less than a days drive from my home in MN.
  6. My good lady Mrs. C let me loose for the weekend…

Look out Michigan here we come! Only question now is which kayak(s) to bring.

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