Gear for Greenland style kayaking

I am seriously obsessed by the art and craft of Greenland style rolling. This obsession has bought me into contact with a large variety of kayaks, paddles and other gear. Greenland qajaqs, Greenland Paddles, Tuiliks, Harpoons. You name it I have tried it. Many people email me each week about gear options and opinions. I recently added a section to this website to help share my knowledge of Greenland Gear. You will find the pages through a new link on the sites menus.
The gear is divided up into four main sections. The first covers paddle makers, both wooden and carbon composite paddles. The second covers qajaq builders and makers of modern composite replica kayaks. The third covers Inuit style clothing, and the fourth covers all the other odds and ends like avataq (floats), harpoons etc.
You will notice I generally have included where the items are made. I think it is important that we consider where our gear is made so that we can understand the impact our purchase may have on the environment, as well as the conditions under which the gear is made. I would hope that you can buy local and in doing so make a positive impact to your local paddle economy and environment.
If there are any errors or omissions on these pages please contact us to rectify.

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