Great Books

I had previously thought that my best Christmas gift was the union suit but this has since been trumped by a series of books. The first was BFG by Roald Dahl which I am reading with Emma (having her here is realy the best gift), we have just read the seciont where the BFG is explaining about all the other giants eating Human Beans, and how they all taste different, Emma and I are both enjoying it tremendously – thanks Mum.
The other books were given to my by Mom (mother in-law), I am fortunate to have a Mom and a Mum, it makes it things easy for me as they never get confused being called Mum or Mom. Anyway the books; The undisputed best book I have read on Kayak history design technique has to be Eastern Arctic Kayaks History, Design, Technique by John D. Heath and E. Arima. It has excelent sections on the evolution of the designs, the history behind many of the Greenland rolls and braces, as weel as an exceletn dsection on paddle design and techniques. I read with much ammusment the introdduction to Inuit Terms, whcih deals nicely with the issue of Kayak, Qajaq, and points out that the english spelling for the Inuit Watercraft should actually be Qayaq, and that Qajaq is the Danish or German spelling. I think I will stick with Kayak for now….
Anyway thank you to Mum and Mom for such a wonderful selection of books this holiday they are all very much appreciated.

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