Greenland Kayaks

The word “qajaq” is used generally to describe any kayak constructed using the methods of the Inuit, these are also frequently called Skin-on-Frame Kayaks. If you are interested in reading more about the use of the word “qajaq”, here is a link to a related article. For many years replica kayaks have been constructed using a variety of modern materials mimicking the shape of the original qajaqs. Kayaks made of Modern materials can generally be mass produced simpler than qajaqs built using the tradition methods and are potentially lower maintenance.


Arguably many kayaks have derived their shape from traditional Inuit qajaq. This list does not attempt to catalog all these kayak makers, just those that hold a strong resemblance to the qajaq shape, as well as those who continue to commercially make qajaq using the traditional techniques.
You will notice I generally have included where kayaks are made. I think it is important that we consider where our gear is made so that we can understand the impact our purchase may have on the environment, as well as the conditions under which the gear is made. I would hope that you can buy local and in doing so make a positive impact to your local paddle economy and environment.

Kayaks (Qajariaq)

usa Made in USA.
CNC kayaks – Free plans for beautiful stitch and glue kayaks derived from the west Greenland Disko Bay shaped qajaqs.

SCM kayaks – Hand made wooden strip and fuselage skin on frame replica Greenland style kayaks. Made in Massachusetts.

Superior Kayaks – Now built by Nash Boatworks in Illinois hand made wooden replica Greenland kayaks, also available as kits.

uk Made in UK.
Anas Acuta, Valley Seakayaks – One of the earliest fiberglass Greenland kayak replicas.

poland Made in Poland.
Rebel Kayaks – Carbon and Fiberglass Greenland kayaks from the original designer of the Tahe/Zegul Greenland, now with many improved design features and construction methods.

japan Made in Japan.
Qaanaaq, Water Field Kayaks – Carbon and Fiberglass Greenland kayak replicas.

italy Made in Italy
Greenland 515, 550, CS Canoe – Composite Greenland style kayaks.
Spirito Inuit, Over Line Kayaks – Composite Greenland style kayak.

estonia Made in Estonia.
Greenland, Zegul (Tahe) – A very popular composite kayak, especially favored by the Greenland rolling community due to its low back deck and rounded foredeck.

china Made in China.
Black Pearl, Sea Bird Designs – Designed by the renowned Björn Thomasson.


usa Made in USA.
Cape Falcon Kayak – Traditional designs with a modern twist. Hand made in Oregon.

Frogtown Kayaks – Traditional Skin on Frame kayaks hand made in Minnesota. Reviewed here.

Kayak Ways – Turner Wilson, star of This is The Roll, will hand make a custom fit skin on frame qajaq.

Kudzu Craft – Traditional Skin on Frame kayaks, built and available as a kit..

Sea Wolf Kayaks – Traditional qajaq built or DIY workshops in Oregon.

Shaman Kayaks – Traditional qajaq and bardiaka hand crafted in California.

uk Made in UK.
Valkyrie Craft – Classic custom built Greenland style qajaq.

norway Made in Norway
Kajakkspesialisten – Custom made skin on frame traditional qajaq.

italy Made in Italy
PN Kayak – Hand made traditional qajaq and bardaika.

greenland Made in Greenland
Greenland Kayaks – Traditional qajaq made locally using traditional methods in Greenland.

france Made in France
Kerlo – Traditional qajaq as well as other hand made kayaks.

catflag Made in Catalonia
Belone – Traditional qajaq for adults and children, custom made. Also assembles CLC kits to order.

canada Made in Canada
Long Boat Short Boat – Traditional Skin of Frame qajaq builder in British Columbia.

Nomad Boat Building – Traditional boat build and qajaq builder in British Columbia.

RavenWoods – Traditional Skin on Frame qajaqs, including child sized ones, made in British Columbia.

Skin on Frame Kayaks – Hand made kayaks and Greenland paddles from Prince Edward County, ON.

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