Hand roll with a clenched fist, start tucked forward, finish tucked forward

Assak Peqillugu Masikkut

Forward Forward Clenched Fist Roll

The forward finishing clenched fist roll is perhaps one of the hardest forward finishing roll to execute. A good progression to get to this roll is the Storm roll, the forward finish norsaq rolls, and then the forward finishing hand roll.

A: Set up very low on the foredeck, grip the bottom of the kayak with your left hand. Place your right arm across the foredeck in front of your head and reach for the water.

B: Momentum is your friend so use the roll motion to carry you throughout the full 360 degrees. Maintain the tight tuck throughout. Pull hard with your left arm to keep you close to the deck.

C: When reaching out to the side keep the tuck tight still to maintain the angular momentum. Use the fastest strongest sweep possible to plunge your fist out sideways along the surface of the water and then down.

D: Do not be afraid to scull with your fist to get some extra force at the end. This roll is all about timing. Once you have the right body position and motion, focus on the timing to keep the kayak rolling continuously.

In competitions people generally hold a ping-pong ball in their fist to prove they kept it closed.

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