Huge progress

Lots of progress today at the cabin. Mike ‘the network’ Strukel came over and mixed up a bucket of porridge looking mud and then sprayed using his hopper and gun across the ceiling where the wall used to be, it has dried now and look excelent. REady to be painted when we get to that stage. IT took him all of about 10 minutes, and has done a remarkably good job of blending in with the previous ceiling coating. We then set to work on the water heater and Mike bought over his pneumatic impact wrench and successfully removed the 3 foot long sacrificial anode, we cleaned it up and replaced it using PTFE tape to allow for easier extraction next time.
The kayak shed then became the critical path and with the application of 15 8×4 sheets of treated plywood we enclosed the previously unstable rickety structure and it becamce a magnificant structure, the future home of all our Kayaks and Canoes. We have the front to complete and a door to purchase and fit. We are currently debating the floor, we probably are going to fit a treated wood raised floor. Back home now via a new route which takes us straight by the casino, very easy and quick, fewer traffic lights to negotiate.

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