Is it a masik?

One of the features of the Tahe Greenland that is espoused in the literature is the white paint/gel coat finish on the inside of the cockpit. Two weekends ago at a pool rolling session Alex P pointed out how this was in fact making certain rolls harder as it allowed your knees and thighs to slide around rather than having a positive fixed position.
At Alex’s suggestion I bonded a solid foam layer across the entire deck, a foam masik if you like to ensure my knees will stay where they are planted.
Tomorrow night the first rogue pool session is taking place in Bloomington and I plan on reporting back how the foam masik affected the rollability (have I just invented a new word?) of the kayak.
In the previous post you can see the foam in the picture of the knee tube, I had to cut an arc in front of the knee tube to ensure a smooth entry and exit of the pump from the tube.

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