Kayaking with an iPhone

Recently I have taken to dumping my iPhone in a dry bag and relegating it to the stern buoyancy chamber, the Tahe has no day hatch. This may seem like a good thing to be devoid of the distractions of work etc. unfortunately this is inherently limiting, I have an operations role now and so my ability to be totally disconnected is limited, we have established a rota of on call executives which requires us to be online 24×7 during those days we are to anointed leader. This morning a colleague of mine showed me a new case for the iPhone, I was unimpressed by it as it was simply an impact resistant case surrounded in rubber making the phone very bulky. But while looking at in on the company’s web site I discovered the Otterbox 2600 pda case, which is a water proof crush resistant case with a hook and loop strap on the back, making it ideal to be attached to deck lines on a kayak (with a lanyard for safety). I think this represents an ideal method of enabling me to read the screen (although without being able to use the device) it will alert me of any immediate need to get to shore which is probably a sufficiently timely response to deal with most situations.

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