Lake Nokomis

Fran invited me to go paddling this evening around Lake Nokomis. I had never been to this lake so was glad of the opportunity to stretch my arms and experience another local paddling spot.

Lake Nokomis is very accessible, being just of Cedar Avenue near St Paul, the kayak ramp was easy to find and the parking plentiful, there were already a few annoying insects at the ramp but nothing that seemed to be biting yet thankfully.

Nokomis is basically an oval with a small extra bubble in the south west corner which protrudes under Cedar Avenue and out the other side, the Minneapolis Saint Paul airport is located to the east of the south end of the lake and planes were taking off directly over the lake every 60 seconds, the noise was distracting at first but as the evening went by the planes grew less frequent and less annoying.

I used this paddle as an opportunity to try out the new mount for my Garmin eTrex GPS, it worked well, and I downloaded the track below showing our trip twice around the lake.

The water was calm as was the wind except for an occasional gust that would whip across the lake. Fran paddles an NDK Romany with a Novorca Carbon Greenland Paddle like mine. I caught her passing through the sun below.


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