Looking forward to 2013 at Qajaq Rolls.

2012 has been a busy year. Starting in April this year we successfully launched the free rolling clinics; this allowed us to train over 130 individuals at 35 local rolling clinics in Minnesota. Our second major accomplishment has been the launch of Rolando con groenlandesa, the Spanish language version of our waterproof guidebook and the addition of subtitles for the DVD. The Spanish Language version will probably never recoup the costs associated with its production but through it we have been able to create greater access to our free web content by repurposing the Spanish text on the website to describe the rolls. Rolling with Sticks has been favorably reviewed in all major Sea Kayaking magazines globally, and is now available in over a dozen countries through retail locations. In addition to the clinics and publishing activities we have rebranded the company and enhanced the website to improve access to the rolling tutorials.

So what is next? 2013 will see the continuation of our free rolling clinics, we have implemented an online registration system to allow paddlers to register and be waitlisted for rolling clinics during the outdoor season in Minnesota. We plan to continue to hold to our high mentor to mentee ratio of 4:1 as we have found greatest success at this number. We also plan to hold more specialized clinics focused on specific rolls.

2012 saw us sponsor over a dozen traditional paddling events with either product donations, financial contributions or attending as mentors, we hope to continue this in 2013 and are planning a UK based rolling clinic during the summer. There have been many offers to travel overseas to teach, but until this becomes a full time gig , and our girls grow up, those offers will have to wait.

So 2013 will be about expanding access to training and free online content, all focused on passing along the traditional Inuit rolling skills.

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