Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club

For the last two pool sessions in Bloomington Fran has invited a bunch of her friends from the Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club, I had not previously heard of them yet they claim to be one of the most active clubs in the upper midwest, here is their mission described on their web site:

To further an appreciation of the outdoors by facilitating the organization of
economical cost-shared trips, arranging informative programs, building and
maintaining trails, and providing opportunities for leadership development.

Whilst not devoted to paddling, their activities include: Hiking and Backpacking, Road and Mountain Biking, Canoeing and Kayaking, Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing, Snowshoeing , Downhill and XC Skiing , and more.

My limited experience with these folks was very enriching, they were open minded and eager to learn to paddle safely, but most importantly they seemed like great people. I am seriously considering signing up to join.

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