Modifications to Tahe Greenland

This past week we made three improvements to the Tahe, first we fixed a knee tube to carry the pump and sponge under the deck, second we removed the foot pegs and replaced them with a solid foam bulkhead, and third we added a foam back support covered in black neoprene to replace the back band I removed a while ago – this is especially useful as it stops my back bruising when doing lay back rolls.


Based on Jeff B’s advice I also adapted a mini-pod from REI to be my camera mount on my storm paddle, I added a second velcro strap to act as a backup lanyard in case the tripod came off the paddle. The video and stills in the previous post came from this set-up. It has the advantage of working as a forward and rear facing system, and allowing for retrieval and replacement so that camera can be adjusted and turned on or off as desired. IT seemed to work geat today.

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