NDK Explorer

So my good Lady (J) and the girls gave me an early birthday present (very early), an NDK Explorer sea kayak. I quote “The NDK EXPLORER may well be the most widely used expedition kayak on the planet, with circumnavigations of Britain, Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand and South Georgia Island and a number of the Aleutian islands to it’s credit. It is what an amazingly high percentage of high level coaches and expert paddlers choose to paddle, yet many novices find it to be very comfortable, responsive and forgiving. It has similar design attributes to its shorter cousin, but higher maximum hull speed and more cargo room. There is also a bit more cockpit volume. The Explorer is a fun kayak to paddle. It carves turns gracefully, and responds to paddler input with consistency and predictability. Its high volume bow stops the nose from plunging into waves and together with its soft rails and good maneuverability gives a paddler a great deal of confidence in surf. The keyhole cockpit with thigh braces allows for good lower body contact and control.. This is a very well rounded, user-friendly kayak. It has good speed capability in all conditions, but is absolutely amazing in a following sea.”. The garage is now home to four kayaks and one canoe. Roll on the thaw I want to get afloat. We bought the kayak last weekend at Midwest Mountaineering in the Twin Cities, which is by far the best kayak and general out doors shop I have ever had the fun of visiting.

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