New camera, new tricks

Well if you hadn’t noticed I rebuilt the website on WordPress. This has given me the ability to put a better structure to the information, specifically the rolling tutorials, pictures and video. I hope you find it more usable. If you have any feedback please email me at, the site is constantly a work in progress. Depending upon if you are on Facebook or not you may or may not have heard about last weekends snafu. Over the holiday my good lady J gave me a GoPro Hero2 Pro HD camera. I used it very successfully mounted on my helmet to film the family skiing and the next weekend took it to a pool session, and promptly drowned it. Apparently I had not closed the case correctly. Anyway to cut to the chase, three days in a Ziploc bag of rice and the camera sprang back into life. This past weekend I got to play with it on the kayak again.
The first video was captured with the camera mounted on the far end of the paddle. I performed a static brace and then lifted the paddle vertically and rotated it for maximum effect. This is a challenging maneuver as it requires you to hold a balance brace without a paddle and then add the full weight of the paddle to your hand. The techniques I learned three weeks ago really paid off and I was able to hold the brace without issue.

The second video was filmed at 120 frames per second, I then slowed it down to quarter speed. The camera was mounted in the end of my rolling stick, giving you the norsaq view of a standard norsaq layback roll.

I researched the camera quite a bit since filming these sequences and have purchased a different waterproof lens cover which should provide much clearer underwater shots. I will be using it this weekend to see if I can improve upon the current quality.

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