North Shore Hiking – Day 1

Every trip up the North Shore usually starts for us at Gooseberry Falls, being so close to the road, and located at the southern end of the great water fall section of the coastline we always try and stop there first but this trip we decided to make an early stop in Duluth at Congdon Park which was listed as having some pretty (yet small) waterfalls right in the city. Congdon Park Duluth
We drove up on Friday morning, ahead of the holiday traffic. and stopped at the Scenic Cafe for an early lunch (great fish and muscles). We arrived at Gooseberry by noon, the water was running well and the falls were as usual magnificent:Goosberry Middle FallsOne of our favorite hikes is just up the coast at Split Rock, where you can hike up Day Hill and get great views of the Light House, as well as South West along the coast.Split Rock Light House from Day Hill
We stopped off at a couple of other falls by the the highway as we drove further up the coast and we finished the days hiking off with a short tromp up the Caribou river to see the falls, these are one of our favorites and some of the tallest in the area.Caribou River Falls

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