North Shore Hiking – Day 2

For the past 6 years we have hiked the hills of the Cascade River Park, always visiting the Nutty Brown water “Root Beer” falls. The water was running well, both down the rivers course as well as downwards out of the sky.The Cascades - Cascade River ParkThis was a day of low cloud and lots of rain. After admiring the roaring falls we headed off up the hill to see the view from the top of Look Out Mountain, it was not much to see… but we saw it….The view at the top of Look Out Mountain - Cascade River ParkThick cloud obscured what is usually a magnificent view across the forest to the shore of Lake Superior and up the coast towards Grand Marais. We ventured up to the top of the state park and hiked down river for a while to find Hidden Falls, with the higher waters they were much more impressive than the previous year when we saw just a slow brook trickling along.Hidden Falls - Cascade RiverAfter lunch we drove North East and headed to Judge C R Magney park where we hiked along the trail to see the Devils Kettle. Devil's Kettle valley
Of all the rivers we saw this was perhaps the most impressive with the greatest flow.Devil's Kettle lower falls There was so much water flowing over the falls that the hole where the Deil’s Kettle is was unable to swallow all the water fast enough and much was spilling over the edges.Devil's KettleOur last stop for the day was Lutsen Resort Beach, the location of our wedding ceremony. There were three weddings happening on this cold wet day, this picture says it all – we were much luckier.Mist on the beach at LutsenAfter a good dinner in Grand Marais we were done for the night and watched the evening sky turn dark from our balcony – the cloud at last gone.Evening light at Grand Marais

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