Nose plugs and goggles.

Whether in a swimming pool, a lake, a river or the ocean you are going to be going upside down suspended under your kayak for extended periods of time. The water pressure a couple of feet down will quickly drive water (and any much in the water) into your sinuses unless you either learn to exhale while underwater through your nose or more likely you wear nose clips/plugs. You can get nose plugs at most pharmacies and sporting goods stores. Try a few different types until you find a style that fits your nose shape and will remain on for a few consecutive rolls, attach them to your Tuilik or another part of you using a short length of cord or elastic as they will fall off at some point and are a devil to find in murky water. When doing a lot of rolls I also like to use ear plugs are it can upset my balance if I get too much water in my ear canals, these too are readily available at pharmacies.
Goggles are also very helpful when learning; they allow you to open your eyes in comfort and see your paddle, your arms and your position relative to the kayak and are a great aid when learning the correct position to set up in. Most importantly they keep the chlorine, salt or other crud floating in the water out of your eyes and allow you to practice for much longer periods than possible without.

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