O’Dowd Lake

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Mike W who I had paddled with last week on Prior Lake as a part of a larger group of ISK’ers, he invited me to join him for a paddle this afternoon on O’Dowd Lake which is just west of our cabin in Minnesota. I met him there at 3pm and we paddled for just an hour as I had a phone interview at 4pm. One word that sums up O’Dowd is Awesome. It is a small interesting lake it has many small finger bays, coves and a wealth of islands. The was an abundance of wildlife, we saw turkeys, eagles, a pheasant, many turtles, and not to mention fish, one of which jumped onto my spray skirt and wiggled around until I flicked it back into the water, I am not sure who was more surprised me or the fish.
Mike warned me that the lake can get very busy during the peak season as water skiers like its sheltered reaches and fisherman love the bass there, but today Mike and I had a very tranquil circumnavigation of the lake with our only company being a single fisherman in a small power kayak.

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