The other side of kayaking

Despite my obsession with Greenland paddling and rolling I do find the occasional moment to paddle in beautiful places. Even if the kayak was hideous, my companion and the environment were wonderful. And yes in the background is a now extinct volcano that is now covered in lush green tropical forests.
The river we are paddling is the Hanalei, the home of Puff the Magic Dragon and other wonders of the world.
Last time I traveled there I took a two piece European paddle with me and discovered the new (at the time) TSA regulations about not being able to carry them on as hand luggage. This year I am going to be checking my two piece carbon fiber custom Greenland paddle. I can’t wait to feel the rise and fall of the Pacific swell.

My good lady still hasn’t caved into my pressure and let me buy a folding yak. So I will still be renting whatever I can find. If you know any good rental stores in Hilo or Kona shoot me an email.

Family fun at Spring Lake, the girls attacking the boys.

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