This morning I test packed the Explorer – everything fits with some wiggle room. Lots of dry bags, lots of gear. Probably more than I need but given this is my first long trip, its better to be conservative than risk being ill prepared. I am packing three cameras, my Nikon SLR, Olympus Tough water proof point and shoot, and my Flip Ultra HD video camera in its dry case. I aim to shoot pictures until my batteries are drained, no solar recharger yet, maybe next year… The weather forecast for Bayfield has been moderating all week, if this trend continues we should have a pleasant paddle out to Oak island on the first afternoon, I guess I will then see if I have remembered everything.
I am taking my one man tent which may be a mistake, the extra room of a two person may be better, but this tent fits snugly in the bow. I am taking my 86 inch carbon Greenland paddle as my main one and borrowing an 84 inch one as a reserve. Ron and I noticed how the different blade sizes seem to work different muscles so we plan to rotate them to help reduce the chance of injuring ourselves. I am planning on the Nikon being for mainly onshore use, but if the weather is compliant when we are on Devils island I will use my pelican case on deck and hope to capture images of the Sea Caves, if not the point and shoot will have to do. I sprayed all my camp outer clothes with permethrin to ward off the bugs, apparently the ticks are out early this year due to the early warm up in the mid west. I also found some bug spray which does not attack rubber so I hope it will help to preserve the neck gasket on my dry suit.

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