Painting continues

I spent three hours at the cabin tonight. I completed fitting the faucet. and then put a second coat of paint on the living room walls. By the time I was done in the living room it was too dark to paint the hall way so tomorrow evening I will start there and move back to the living room. Tomorrows plan will be to put a coat of the ceiling, complete the hall way and then if time permits to start the final wall color.
I met the neighbors and three dogs on the beach tonight and we had a rather difficult conversation about keeping them off our area and not using it as a rest room. Rather difficult to deny when there was a steaming pile at my feet… At least they agreed to try their best and to clean up after their dogs if they do fail. Its a start at least. They also suggested worst case fencing down to the waters edge, I would prefer to avoid that as it would look ugly, I would prefer a natural barrier of plants and rocks, they would too.

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