Lots of progress today again, I rubbed down the spackling from yesterday in the bathroom and on the living room walls. The living room I declared ready to paint and so spent a good amount of time masking the entire floor, in the hall and kitchen as well. I then cut in the edges, and then rolled a coat of primer everywhere.
Prior to going to the cabin I visited Home Depot (of course) and purchased copper pipe and fittings to construct the faucet fitting for the tub. The faucet requires a 1/2 inch copper pipe sticking out from the wall by 3 3/4 inches, so I also purchased a soldering kit. I manged to sweat the pipe and threaded fitting together and fitted them. I have yet to cut it to its final length and fit the faucet, that treat can wait for tomorrow. Painting the hallway walls white has transformed how it feels, previously it has felt very dark and pokey back there, now it is a lot more open. I am looking forward to seeing the walls in their final color which is a very light creamy yellow. It should look very summery.

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