The Petrussen Maneuver

Petrussen Maneuver

A: Set up by twisting counterclockwise and placing both your hands on the side of the kayak. Roll in face first.

B: When the kayak goes upside down allow it to settle and then move your hands to the Chine of the kayak.

C: Pull yourself to the surface. Your head should now be able to reach the surface.

D: Push your chin towards the sky and push your head backwards. Your mouth should now be above water and you should be able to hold this position.

Recovery can be challenging as you will be out of your seat. I suggest going completely under, like a reentry and roll. Reseat your self. And then roll up with your roll of choice. If you try and roll up from the Petrussen position without reseating you may find it challenging as your legs and hips will not be in their regular position for rolling.

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