Presents from Ma and Pa

I am getting ready for a trip to the Apostle Islands in a 3 weeks time, as part of getting ready my father decided to buy me a McMurdo FastFind 210 Satellite GPS PLB Personal Locator Beacon. This is their next generation model, it provides both a satelite transmission signal which roughly locates you using the built in GPS, as well as a location beacon on the international distress frequency to help rescuers find you when they are close. It also has a bright strobe light on top. This generation is much lighter than the previous models and ideal it would seem to slip into my PFD pocket. Oh and while on the subject of gifts they also are getting me a replacement PFD…. The Extrasport Retroglide Sabre, with tons of pockets, and lots of adjustments… I am going to be be very well protected on this trip.

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