Progress at the cabin

This weekend I took off early and we took advantage of the warm (44F) Friday afternoon to replace the chimney for the furnace. We introduced an external air intake for the combustion air which was previously absent, we also discovered how badly configured the entire heating system was, leading to all sorts of potential hazards. After much work and spare parts the furnace and forced air system is running great, safely, and efficiently.
We also were triumphant in reconnecting the water supply, we discovered two leaks, one resulting from a mistake I made fitting a drain for the new kitchen sink, and the second from a long nail that was piercing the hot water pipe for many years which I removed when demolishing the bathroom. The water escaping at high pressure from the nail hole was like something from a cartoon, shooting several feet across the room. In other circumstances it would have been funny.
Sunday we turned on the water for the first time and now have a functioning bathroom, albeit covered in dust and not exactly ready for visitors.
We decided to take advantage of the lack of snow on Sunday and replaced the original small kitchen window with a six foot sliding glass door providing a beautiful view of the lake from both the new kitchen area and the dining area. The resulting effect has been to lighten the room and create the feeling of more space and allow us the truly benefit from the view. We wrapped up the afternoon sealing the window so that we can survive the next few days of bad weather without leaks or damage from frost.

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