Facebook is a wonderful social networking tool, and recently my network has exploded globally with kayakers. Last night I traded a plethora of messages with a group of Japanese kayakers who run the QajaqJPN web site. They have recently published an article on the Walrus pull so I forwarded them a link to Http:// to show them the videos I have found related to that maneuver.

Eiichi Ito was also gracious enough to add a link to my Kayak Roll site and publish an article on it, hopefully they will discover that the site is a lot more than just about the Walrus Pull and contains a collection of images, instruction and videos about all the Kayak Rolls I can find.

Please keep your contributions to the site coming, it still needs a lot of help.

Its great to see the Greenland Rolling traditions being maintained around the globe. Keep on paddling Eiichi Ito (and friends)!

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