Quick succession of storm rolls

Pallortillugu Assakaaneq

In competition you have ten seconds to complete as many Storm rolls as possible. The ending paddle position for a storm roll sets you up nicely to dive into the next roll. Maintaining the momentum throughout the rolls allows you to build up and sustain a good speed. With practice you can pull your body across the kayak very rapidly, using the motion of the low brace end of the roll to continue straight across the foredeck and plunge the paddle in to start the next roll. I can’t think of any practical use for this maneuver unless of course you are James Bond dodging a hail of machine gun bullets. In competition you gain extra points for every roll after the third one that you complete in ten seconds. The video below shows me barely completing three within the allotted time. I take too much time between each roll. My recovery is too slow and I allow the kayak’s rotation to stop with each roll. With practice this becomes a continuous rolling motion.
Several people have reported to me that they are very susceptible to feeling ill after performing this type of rolling exercise. To help combat this I suggest using both ear plugs and nose clips. Water in the ear can be a horrid painful experience, and this roll does tend to shake things up a but more than a simple single roll.

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