Rock Roll, front to back

Ujaqqamik Tigumisserluni Nerfallallugu

Rock Roll, start forward, finish back

Hand roll holding an Eight kilogram brick or stone, start tucked forward, finish leaning aft.

A: Start tucked froward pressed low against the deck. Holding the rock in your right hand reach across the kayak in front of your head. Get the rock as low in the water as you can. Clasp the underside of the hull with your left hand.

B: Roll in and wait for the kayak to rotate. Push the rock to the surface if it is not there already. Both hands should be out of the water. Keep your left hand touching the kayak. Make sure you are looking up at the sunlight.

C: Arch your back. Push the rock out, up and back with your right arm and back until it is as far away from the kayak as you can reach. Push hard with your knee, and sweep your body aft. Your left hand should remain out of the water and slide across the back deck of the kayak.

D: Continue to rotate your core until you are lying prone on the back deck with one arm on either side balancing you in the water. The rock will sink during the sweep so don’t be surprised if your right arm is dipped in deep by the end of the roll.

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