Roll of the day – Butterfly or Angel Roll

Butterfly or Angel Roll I have never found a Greenlandic translation of the name for the butterfly or angel roll so maybe it is not really a Greenland roll? Anyhow, this roll is very useful. For some people this is the first lay-back roll they learn. It is very easy to put two paddle floats on and do a half roll using this roll.
This is unquestionably my favorite rescue roll. I use it when ever I mess up during rolling practice. It requires very little set up. You can just use the paddle where ever it is and roll up by grabbing it in the center of the loom and performing the three lay-back movements, arch your back, press with your knee, and swing your body onto the back deck. It is equally easy to perform if you use a European style paddle, not that I condone that kind of behavior 😉
You can view the video and tutorial here.

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