Roll of the day – Side Sculling

Side Sculling I realized this morning that I had jumped over Side Sculling in the Roll of the Day series. I personally am a proponent of side sculling as the very first thing everyone should learn if they want to be able to do the standard Greenland Roll. Initially you can learn the sculling action sitting up. Then lying down. The use of a paddle float will then allow you to learn how to slide off the back deck and recover. And finally you will be ready to complete the motion without aid. You then have completed  half a standard Greenland Roll.
Side sculling is an odd name for this roll. Your body will not be sideways. Your shoulders will be flat on the waters surface. Perhaps the roll gets its English name because the kayak is on its side?
I think Innaqatsineq should be called “back sculling”, as it translates to “lying on the back”.
You can view the video and tutorial here.

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