Roll of the day – Standard roll with paddle held behind neck

Standard roll with paddle behind neckSiukkut tunusummillugu means forward, touching one’s neck. The forward refers to the fact you roll face first into the water. Its quite committing when you do it the first time. The paddle hooked over the hull really locks you into doing a full face plant.
This roll is made a lot easier if you have great torso flexibility. So work on stretching out before you attempt it. You can find some stretching exercises here.
The idea behind this roll was to help you deal with situations where you may become entangled in your hunting lines. Hopefully you will just do it for fun.
Remember that body motion and timing will allow you to complete this roll without putting pressure on your neck. If you find this roll hurts your neck you are not using the right motion.
You can view the video and tutorial here.

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