Roll of the week , #11- Continuous storm roll

Last week we were working on the Chest scull. The Chest scull helps train our bodies to float face down and then recover facing forward. The next roll to work on is the Continuous Storm Roll. The benefit of using the Continuous Storm Roll is that a paddle float can easily be used on the extended paddle. During the continuous roll the paddle basically remains stationary with the kayak and paddler moving underneath it. Using a paddle float allows the paddle to be leaned on more than is possible without a float, this allows us to learn the body movements without fear of having to wet exit if the roll fails. The Continuous Storm Roll with a paddle float is a very practical way to learn forward finishing rolls if you don’t have a spotter to help you.
Click on the image below to see the full instruction and latest video of the Continuous Storm Roll.

Continuous Storm Roll

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