Roll of the week, #12 – Storm Roll

The Storm Roll is a great roll to have in your repertoire. It provides you a way of rolling while remaining forward, and leaves you in a position to keep on paddling the instant you recover. Many people find this especially useful when in surf, especially if hit by a wave, or as a method of rolling voluntarily in front of a breaking wave so the brunt of the wave is taken on the underside of the kayak’s hull.
I do not recommend this is the first forward finishing roll people try to learn. Start by chest sculling then either move to the continuous storm roll or the reverse sweep roll. Then when you have mastered the forward recovery you should try the storm roll. Many people consider this a Greenlandic C-2-C roll. I disagree, the head travels through a very different path in the Storm roll, low and forward.
Click on the photo or this link for instructions and video on storm rolls.

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