Roll of the week, #3 – Standard Greenland Roll

The Standard Greenland Roll is perhaps the most recognizable of all the Greenland rolls. The importance of learning the correct body motion with this roll should not be underestimated. It is possible to complete this roll using the incorrect body position throughout. The paddle sweeping in a wide arc can provide considerable righting moment to support the body and allow a large amount of leverage. This then allows people to be complacent and use the wrong position of their torso in relation to the kayak. When this roll is completed using the correct body motion the paddle becomes irrelevant, allowing the natural progression to Norsaq and Hand rolls. Using ever decreasing paddle sizes can help you determine if you are relying on the paddle too much. Concentrating on keeping your shoulders flat on the water’s surface throughout the roll will ensure you are twisting your core sufficiently. Working to slow the roll down will help prevent you from relying too much on the lift created by the sweeping paddle.
Check out the updated video below for more advice:

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