Roll of the week, #4 Shotgun or Armpit Roll

If one has previously learned the Standard greenland Roll, then
the Paatip Kallua Tuermillugu Illuinnarmik (affectionally known as the Armpit Roll) should come relatively easily.

The use of the maximally extended paddle provides ample support for those needing it.
Many people find the underwater setup confusing. The paddle can sometimes cross the kayak and be on the opposite side of the hull if the roller is not careful to control the paddle’s angle during the first 180 degrees of the roll. Also it is important to twist the paddle to be flat or with a slight rise on the leading edge, otherwise the blade will instantly dive during the sweep.
You can read the full instruction and watch the latest video by clicking on the photo below.

shotgun roll

I like to use this roll in preparation for teaching norsaq rolls. The arm position, fully extended, teaches the roller how to position the arm for maximum power during the sweep. This can be of great assistance when people start learning norsaq (and hand) rolls.

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