Roll of the week, #6 – Crook of elbow roll

Imagine you have your right hand full with food (fish, seal, narwhal, you name it). Then you get knocked over. One approach to a one handed roll with a paddle is the butterfly roll. Another approach is this week’s roll of the day, rolling with the paddle held in crook of elbow. This technique allowed hunters to learn to roll with one hand full, and still use some power from both arms. This roll could also be used if you had injured one of your hands.
Click on this link to the Crook of elbow roll, or the image below to watch the latest instructional video and read the detailed instructions of how to learn this roll.

Crook of elbow roll

If you are looking for roll #5, sorry, somehow that one got lost during my last trip. It was however the “Butterfly Roll” which you can view using this link.

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