Rolling in High Fidelity

Today I recorded some more rolling at the Brooklyn Center ISK Pool Session. I have been noticing a loss in quality during my editing workflow so I spent a considerable amount of time this afternoon working our how to sustain the maximum fidelity throughout the editing process.
The camera I use records AVCHD Lite 1280×720 resolution and stores it in files using the MTS file extension. I am using Final Cut Express to edit the video which can only deal this file type if imported directly from the camera, something I learned only after copying the files off the SSD and erasing it..
Using a piece of software called ClipWrap I was able to covert the MTS into MOV encoded with Apples Intermediate Codec, I was then able to import this directly into Final Cut and the full quality appears to have been preserved, the quality loss was apparent along the long lines of the kayak which were pixelating with the previous conversions.

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