Rolling with the arms crossed

Tallip Paarlatsillugit Paateqarluni Masikkut

Rolling with Arms Crossed

This roll can be quite tough until you learn to ignore your offside arm. Some people describe this roll as a crossed hands storm roll. I think it is closer to a continuous roll (under paddle roll) than the storm roll.

A: Start by grasping the paddle with your left hand slightly to the right of the center of the loom. Then put your right arm over the top of your left arm and grip the paddle next to your left hand. Your hands should nearly be touching and in the middle of the loom. Twist your body to the left and dip the paddle into the water parallel to the kayak.

B: Roll in towards the left. Wait until you surface and your hands are above the water. Push your chin up to the surface to help the kayak start to rotate. Push the aft end of the paddle up and swing it onto the underside of the hull (now on top). Get the paddle at right angle to the kayak.

C: Now, relax your left arm. Start the kayak rotating with your right knee. Push you chin towards your chest. Pull down with your right arm.

D: Pivot the paddle on the kayaks gunwales and then foredeck. Allow the paddle to move right and outwards. Keep you head low and slide your nose across the foredeck to finish near your right knee.

Good competition form is to lift up the paddle and show people your hands are still crossed when you are finished.

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