Rolling with a Lumpy norsaq and a rock

I had some fun today trying out the new norsaq from Lumpy Paddles. The design makes no attempt to pretend to be a harpoon throwing stick. This is a thoroughbred rolling stick. It’s design leads you to hold it at the narrow end with the large smooth rounded blade widening out creating the greatest righting moment. The grip was reminiscent of my Betsie Bay norsaq. It is very different than the Novorca or Joe O’ both of which pay homage to the throwing stick, copying the original shape. In use it proved very effective, I instantly was able to perform my standard set of norsaq rolls. The forward-forward norsaq roll seem a little easier than with my other norsaq. But maybe that is just due to the amount I have been practicing it lately.
All in all I would definitely recommend this norsaq. It is light weight, elegant, and easy to use. Certainly a worthy addition to my collection.

I spent some time afloat practicing my static hand brace. I found  that hooking my left arm under the hull helped me hold the position. But is felt precarious. Only a very small portion of my nose and mouth was above the water. My masik came loose and that did not help my confidence. One time as my static hand brace collapsed I was unable to hand roll as my masik slipped onto my lap and my thigh slid in to the middle of the kayak. I did not have enough air in my lungs to reseat myself so I grabbed the new norsaq and with a good whack on the water was up like a jack rabbit, gasping for air.
I have been watching with interest the antics of James Manke on Facebook. James has been rolling with progressively heavier and heavier “rocks”. He is currently using three house bricks bonded together. I had never previously attempted a rock roll until today. The girls like to bring home rocks from the beaches of Lake Superior. I chose one that fit well in my hands and weighed about 6lbs. I paddled out in front of the dock with my camera mounted on it and promptly rolled holding it. I repeated it another time for good measure. It felt great to pull that one off. I will have to work my way up to the competition weight of 8kg.

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