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Anicca, Maryland USA“I was working on the chest scull at Delmarva and then at dinner reached over to look at a copy of your book… you broke the stroke down into such simple, understandable terms.. I was planning on buying the book anyway… but that sold me for sure!”

Lesley from OrkneyThere is no substitute for being able to have [Rolling with Sticks] with me and the fact it can get wet. Being a theorist, the straightforward written description suits my learning style… its tempting to hang upside down and read over to check… great job, many thanks!”

Jane from UK Five stars for Rolling with Sticks. Love the consistent way you describe each roll, very important for readers, they know what they are getting and feel more confident. The illustrations are excellent, and show the tricky bits of each roll.”

Frode from Norway “Rolling with Sticks is excellent to have close by when you struggle with a roll. Very nice description of the rolls. Also I like that you have the Greenland name on the rolls.”

Adrienne from Washington, USA “I was very impressed with the layout and information for each of the 25 rolls……. Definitely a must for the rolling novice and a good practice progression for the intermediate roller”

Pam from Scotland “Received our copy today….! It looks great. The diagrams are even more effective in the larger size. Really nice job.”

Jill from Canada “Hey my Rolling with Sticks book arrived this morning. It looks and feels great! Thank you!”

Image courtesy Frode Wiggen