So far there have been three editions of Rolling With Sticks Volume one.

Fist edition
This edition was created using a kayak diagram that was vaguely reminiscent of a squashed banana. It was not immediately recognizable as a Greenland style kayak. Also the paddle was no opaque which led to some confusion as to the relative position of the paddle the paddler and the kayak.

Second edition
Based on feedback from Christopher Cunningham every diagram was redrawn. Now with an accurate rendition of a Greenland kayak. And the paddle and norsaq was drawn appropriately opaque. The cockpit was moved to be slightly aft of center as in most Greenland kayaks. Several typos were fixed in the roll descriptions.

Third edition
An error was discovered and fixed in the elbow position of the paddle in front roll. And the description of the cross hands roll was amended to point out that in competition the hands should be crossed in a specific way.