Sand Island Trip

Sand Island is one of the most westward of the Apostle Islands, Ron and I have chosen this destination for our next Apostle trips for a couple of reasons. First it is an interesting island; it has both natural and manmade points of interest, varying from sea caves to a light house. Secondly it is relatively close to the land, the crossing from the south east tip of the island to the mainland at Little Sand bay is 2.2 Miles, I have to be back at MSP airport to meet my daughter on Friday so it is important that we can get off the lake on Wednesday or Thursday should the weather close in. We have booked the Sand 3 camp site which is located on the north shore of the Island at the western end of Lighthouse Bay.
Our plan is to drive up from the twin cities and visit the sea caves on day one then set up camp, day two to either circumnavigate the island or take a trip over to York for lunch; day three would be returning to the mainland and driving home.
Whilst not a challenging trip (unless the conditions are ugly) this trip will act as a shakedown cruise for the new kayak and introduce me to a different set of islands. Sand Island is a frequent destination for the ISK which is one of the kayak groups I belong to, they in fact will have been there about ten days earlier over the Memorial Day weekend.
Tomorrow we are picking up Ron’s new Explorer HV which should enable us to comfortably handle the anticipated sea state as well as transport all our camping equipment.
I have a few learning’s from last month’s trip to put into action, but I feel a lot better prepared mentally for kayak camping now having a multi day trip under my keel.

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