Sea Pearl

I just read about a good looking kayak being manufactured by Sea Bird Designs in Norway, the Sea Pearl. I love the description from the web site:

“a kayak where the normal marketing common sense has been suspended in favor of breathtaking performance. A kayak for those resourceful paddlers who know exactly how to deal with difficult situations, do it right and with split second timing – a kayak for pure unaffected paddling joy and with no practical usefulness whatsoever.”

Check it out it looks fabulous, I know it is being stocked by Pool Bay Canoe in the UK, and probably many others soon too.

This caused me to check out the Spirito Inuit, which also looks like a great rolling kayak:

Postscript: Thanks to Helge Helligsøe who let me know the Sea Pearl is designed by Björn Thomasson from Sweden. He mostly designs kayaks for personal home building. But Sea Bird Designs have started industrial production of his brilliant designs. His homepage is:

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