Sequence for learning the Standard Greenland Roll

I am working on the sequence of steps to create a comprehensive learning plan to allow people to learn the Standard Greenland Roll

-Overcoming fear
-What to wear
-Where to learn
-Basic kayak fitting
-Sculling sitting up
-Sculling lying back
-Sculling with a float
-Edge of pool/dock knee pressure
-Edge of pool/dock back deck recovery
-Edge of pool/dock static brace
-Float static brace
-Float static brace allow kayak to roll over
-Back deck recovery with paddle and float
-Sculling brace with float
-Sculling brace no float
-Static brace
-Static brace collapse kayak on top
-Static brace let go of paddle
-Recover without paddle
-Half roll with float
-Half roll with paddle and float
-Half roll with paddle
-Full roll with paddle
-Full roll to static brace

Here are some rough cuts of the video work:

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