Yesterday I put the first coat of Ralph Lauren “Studio Cream” on the walls of the Kitchen, dining and living room areas, I finished edging the ceiling and then just to kill my arms I put a second coat of “Moon Mist” on K’s bedroom walls. This was a total of two gallons of eggshell rolled and brushed. I completed it all standing on the floor or a bucket (upside down) as I found it too time consuming moving a ladder around all day.
The neighbors to the west have pulled down their old shed and erected a new one. Interestingly they erected it on the other side of their yard, and closer to the lake. From our point of view this is awesome news as it removes a huge eye sore from our vista. I am not sure though of the legality of what they did, nor how their other set of neighbors are going to respond when they get back from vacation….

One of the first things that comes to mind is the zoning ordinance that states “No building or structure shall be erected, converted, enlarged, constructed, moved or altered, and no building, structure or land shall be used for any purpose nor in any manner which is not in conformity with the provisions of this Ordinance and without a building permit being issued.”

I also doubt that a permit was applied for as required by this section: “No accessory building shall be constructed on a lot before a building permit has been issued for the principal building to which it is accessory.”

And the final killer:

“1. Structure and Individual Sewage Treatment System Setbacks from
Ordinary High Water Level: General Development Lake 75 feet”

So in my reading of the law the shed they built is now illegally placed and as they built new versus replaced their old they are in violation of the zoning regulations. To cap it all if they don’t rebuild the old one within 180 days they lose the right to rebuild it, so by my reckoning if the other neighbors complain and get the new shed torn down then neither shed could be rebuilt if 180 days expire…. interesting

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