Side Sculling

Innaqatsineq should be called “back sculling”, as it translates to “lying on the back”

Side Sculling

A: Lie back until your head is as close to the deck as possible (preferably touching) hold the paddle in the extended position sticking out to the right, gripping the blade with your palms upwards. Begin sweeping the paddle in a 30 -45 degree arc rotating the blade to ensure is skims across the surface.

B: Apply pressure with your right knee, and swing your body off the back deck keeping your shoulders flat on the water surface, continue to sweep the paddle back an forth.

C: Continue to swing your body as far as your flexibility will allow it until you are perpendicular to the kayak. continue to sweep the paddle. Using your knee pressure gently allow the kayak to rotate to vertical or further and lift is back up again. Learn to balance the pressure of your knee to achieve the angle of the kayak you want.

D: To recover apply greater pressure with your right knee to flatten the kayak and at the same time sweep the paddle aft as you rotate your body towards the back deck. Keep your head in until your left shoulder is on the back deck. Do not sit up until your head is back in the center of the kayak and the paddle is perpendicular to the kayak. try not to sweep the paddle back further than perpendicular.

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