Siding done….

I left work early, the afternoon was warm and sunny and my meetings ended quickly. I aimed to complete the siding, but got a lot further…..
I was kept company this afternoon my a highly inquisitive black bird that sat perched in the rushes at the waters edge. I completed the siding single handed, which was tough given the 12 foot length of each section. Fortunately 18 pieces was all it took to finish the side. The nails continued to bounce between vertical studs, but eventually I got them all in. After I finished the siding I decided to keep going, and took a quick trip to (of course) Home Depot where I picked up vinyl boards and metal sofits to complete the edge of the roof.
I got back to the cabin around 7:15 and had 45 minutes of light before it got too dark and chilly to continue, I finished one side, including the strip that slides under the shingles to prevent the water running in the edge and icing up. It looks good, I just have the sofits to do on the one side then I can complete the far side and then only three things remain, the door, the electrics, and potentially water for a hose and maybe an outside shower.
This evening I saw the first kayaks on the lake, a few intrepid fisherman I guess, I had my first experience of what it is like for people to be using the kayak ramp, which is located about 150 feet to the west of our property.
Our neighbors dog has continued to use our beach as a bathroom, I guess soon I am going to have the difficult conversation I had been hoping to avoid…

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