Sofits and more

I aimed to get to the cabin early, I managed 8:00am, my joints were aching and I was just plain tired. I started work on the fascia boards and sofits, Mike turned up not long after and we quickly cranked through the remaining work on the kayak house. It was amazing how wiggly the walls were (remember we just wrapped the old structure) the aluminum sheet metal was not happy being asked to bend the ways we needed it to so we ended up persuading it with copious screws (stainless of course). Once finished we realized that there were still the front and back edges of the roof line to finish, but we were out of material so they will have to wait.

We moved onto the main house, I had a 20 foot length of trim to fit around the new sliding glass door. You would think that 20 feet would be enough, I did, but I forget to add the mitre lengths for each corner so we were only able to do two of the three sides…. more delays (the trim was special ordered from Menard’s so I have yet again had to order more). We were however able to complete the siding on either side of the window all that remains is the top trim and three 4 foot length’s of siding to be cut and fitted. I resealed all the siding trim around the other windows, some of which had fallen down and was looking very shabby, I used a combination sealer adhesive, hopefully that will work better than the previous persons attempts.
Mike bought over his aircraft tin snips, I don’t know how I have survived this long without any, I acquired some last night, along with a paint scraper to clean the old carpet glue from the floors.
J bought lunch over for us all, and we munched sandwiches amongst the dust. Mike took off to look at a trailer he has been lusting after, and J started painting the master bedroom ceiling. I picked up all the tools and mess that had accumulated around the house and then fixed the last two kitchen cabinets, the sink one required a lot of trimming to fit around the pipes, and I fixed up the shelves that sit at the end of the upper cupboards.
I moved into the bathroom and started looking at the tub again, unfortunately I discovered that the three piece surround that covers all the walls is going to prevent the use of the existing taps and faucet, so I now have to investigate what it is going to take to remove and replace all that jazz….. J stopped work about 4:00pm complaining of acute pains in her elbow, we had some cookies and then I finished painting the ceiling. After cleaning up we went home and by bed time she could barely move her arm, clearly some tendon or muscle damage, not good news, I guess I am now the painter too…

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